B & W Auctions

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Auction Terms and Conditions

  1. There are no guarantees you buy where it is and how it is, so please look it over before you buy. Once you buy it is yours so please take care of it.

  2. Please do not move items from row to row are lot to lot. If you want to buy an item or a lot just pull it out of the row where it is placed until auctioneer gets to it.

  3. Any row or lot of items pulled aside to bid on maybe picked from. If anyone would like to pull an item or items out of the lot may do so and it will be sold separate.

  4. STEALING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you are caught you will be asked to leave the premises not to return and you no longer have a buying # with B & W ever again. If you see anyone moving or taking an item or items, please notify a staff member, immediately!

  5. We do accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and check that have been prepared by office staff. That requires a letter from your financial institution on their letterhead. Information must state that you have had an account with them for at least a year with no returned checks.

  6. Commission rates on items sold for $100.00 or less is 20% any item that brings over $100.00 is 10%.

  7. As soon as you buy an item or items it is your responsibility. Please make sure the right Buyer's # is called and placed on the item.

  8. You must pay for anything charged to you.

  9. This is an absolute auction. With the exception of vehicles or trailers.

  10. You must pay sales tax on all purchases UNLESS you have a tax number on file with us. We will honor out of state tax ID numbers.

  11. We do accept items to be sold inside up till Friday before a sale, if room is available. Items to be sold outside will be taken on Saturday morning of the auction up till 11: am.

There is a 10% Buyer's premium!!!
We welcome all dealers and individuals.

Our auction starts outside at 12:noon with flea market items, lots of glassware some very good some not so good, some interesting items that are unique. Some furniture that is in good shape and some that needs a little work or maybe a lot of work. The inside begins between 3:pm to 3:30 with lots of collectable items from antique glassware, pottery pieces, silver plate to sterling pieces. You have to come and see to believe. Around 6:30pm to 7:pm we begin to sell furniture from Maghogney, to Oak. From bedroom suits to Dinning room suit and all individual pieces to match what you may already have. We also sale rugs for all types.